Severe Penis Pain: Is It a Nerve Problem?

All those touchy nerves within the penis are the reason that it feels so properly while the penis is stroked, enveloped or in any other case made the concern of bodily attention. without those nerves, intercourse literally could be a whole exclusive ballgame. but that special nerve sensitivity also method that penis pain may be heightened when it occurs. normally penis pain is fleeting, as whilst the penis is by chance struck. but there can be a few penis fitness issues in which the pain is longer lasting or recurrent, which may be very tough to cope with. One such scenario is neuralgia, particularly pudendal neuralgia.

Pudendal neuralgia

Neuralgia is described as an extreme burning or stabbing sensation brought on when a nerve is damaged or indignant. First described in 1987, pudendal neuralgia is a particular form of neuralgia, one that is occasionally known as pudendal nerve entrapment, bike owner‘s syndrome or Alcock canal syndrome.

Pudendal neuralgia can affect both males and females, although it is greater regularly visible in girls than in guys. In men, it reasons pain in the penis, scrotum, anus and perineum (the region between the scrotum and the anus). every now and then the pain is skilled in all of these areas, every now and then now not. regularly it affords as a burning sensation or as a tingling. in many cases, it causes a “numbness” to arise as nicely.

often, the ache occurs while urinating or when engaged in intercourse. further, guys can also revel in this penis ache when sitting, in particular if sitting for an extended period of time. And in a few instances, the ache occurs apparently at random.


There are thought to be numerous matters which can motive pudendal neuralgia. A sedentary way of life may be a cause (specifically if one is overweight), as can using a bicycle for prolonged durations of time. Poorly controlled diabetes can also cause harm to the nerves inside the place. In some instances, trauma to the penis or the encompassing vicinity can also bring about nerve issues. immoderate constipation is likewise a possible perpetrator, as are tumors which increase inside the midsection.


treatment will rely on the cause of the penis pain. often way of life adjustments are recommended. folks that are sedentary are advocated to restriction the quantity of non-stop time they spend sitting and those who’re overweight are endorsed to deliver this problem under control. more powerful control of diabetes can frequently help. similarly, working to alleviate strain and preserve pressure tiers down may be very powerful.

often a medical doctor will advocate a nerve block. This entails the use of an ultrasound to locate the affected nerve and injecting it with an anesthetic. In extra difficult instances, treatment via radio waves, cold temperatures or alcohol injection can be powerful. If the pudendal neuralgia is stubborn, a health practitioner may additionally endorse surgical treatment as the great option.

Pudendal neuralgia can be a habitual trouble in some people. locating a treatment that works exceptional for an character with ordinary penis ache may also require trial and mistakes.

Penis pain from pudendal neuralgia typically requires the advice of a doctor. keeping the penis in exact health can be useful, so guys have to be sure that they make normal use of a top notch penis health creme (health experts propose man 1 guy Oil, that’s clinically demonstrated slight and safe for skin). What have to a man search for in a penis fitness crème? It allows if the crème consists of L-carnitine, that’s an amino acid which may be beneficial in restoring sensitivity misplaced because of peripheral nerve damage (often the result of hard – if pleasurablemanaging of the penis). in addition, the crème have to include nutrition C. This famous diet is a key thing of collagen, a tissue inside the frame that gives skin its tone and elasticity.



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